Summer Events

Summer Training Plans (Starts 5/25/15)

(A) Summer Training XC        (B) Girls XC Summer Taining Plan

(C) XC Girls Summer Training Plan

2015 Summer Training Explanation

Summer training is a Huge key to a successful XC season!! Without summer training you will be coming in to the season at a clear disadvantage and you will be risking injury due to the miles we will run during the season. I’m sending training plans out early because training starts May 25 for the 2015 season.

*If you have been running track up until that May 25 date you should take a week off or very light week of running before starting the XC plan.

Each plan is very different and created to meet a variety of needs. Plan A has the most miles and speed involved, while plan B is for runners that aren’t ready for A and might have taken a longer break from running (not running track) or if you’re not accustomed to running the mileage prescribed. Plan C is for beginner runners or for those coming off a very long break in running. Please do not attempt plan A if you have not been running consistently as you might end up injured in the late summer. Any plan you chooseplease commit to it but if your legs are feeling very heavy or you feel exhausted well after the run, cut the mileage down for a few runs. It’s better to get to the start line a little undertrained rather than injured! Please hydrate well during the hot runs as well! In addition, try to get on trails as much as possible. We are so lucky to have such beautiful trails in the National Park. Running trails will help keep you healthy and make you stronger! When all the other teams are running flat grass or towpath you will be stronger, tougher, and ultimately faster for running trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. All of our team summer practices will be in the CVNP.

Plan Explanations: “What to do if the plan says”

Recovery- Slow easy run to let your legs recover. This run helps blood to get back in the legs to help them to feel better after a long or faster run.

Tempo- run that starts slow and continually increases in speed throughout the run, but never getting slower than the minute before. Some runs I wrote *last two temp- this means increase speed over the last two miles of the run, ending the run at the fastest pace.

Fartlek- “Speedplay”  In this run you will increase speed periodically during the run and then decrease to your average speed. I pick a tree or stop sign periodically during the run and try to run hard to it. Over a 4 mile run I’ll try to do 8 speed sections.

Strides- run hard (5k pace) out about 30-40 seconds with 30 seconds of rest in between strides for the prescribed number of strides.

Core- Do 10 minutes or core exercises. Planks, side planks, V-ups, raised knee-in’s, etc….


Summer Training: Coach Group Runs  *I will post these runs on Twitter as well!!  **If you want to run the Muddy Paws race (7/5/15) for training please register early! See below for information!!

Tuesday  6/23/15 (3:00PM)- First group run @ Pine Hollow Trail. (5465 Quick Rd. Peninsula, Oh. 44264) ~Please meet in the Pine Hollow Parking lot for the run.

We will run approximately 3 to 7 miles at a variety of paces on the trail system leading from Pine Hollow Parking. I will have the trail marked very well so you can’t get lost. Please try to come to this training run!

Thursday 6/25/15 (5:30 pm)- Group run @ Happy Days Lodge.  (500 West Streetsboro Street, Peninsula, OH 44264)  *please park in the right side parking lot as you are coming from Hudson. The parking will be marked Happy Days Lodge Parking.  

We will run approximately 3 to 5 miles at a variety of paces on the trail system leading from Happy Days Parking. I will have the trail marked very well so you can’t get lost. Please try to come to this training run!  **When traveling to Happy Days from Hudson/ when you are going down 303 and cross under rout 8 and pass BP on your left Happy Days is about another 1/2 mile on your right.

Tuesday 6/30/15  (8:00 AM)- Group run @ Lock 29 on tree farm trail. (1648 Mill Street, Peninsula 44264) Please park and meet in the lock 29 parking lot.

We will run approximately 3 to 7 miles. Some might want to run an out and back on the Towpath, but I will have a nice trail run marked leading around the tree farm trail (approximately 5 miles). This should be a really nice beautiful run!!!

Thursday 7/2/15  (5:30 PM)- Group run @ Boston Store parking lot (1550 Boston Mills Rd. Peninsula 44264) Please park and meet in the Boston Store parking lot.

We wil run approximately 5 miles looping the brandywine falls loop and seeing very beautiful waterfalls! There will be an option of a shorter out and back on the Towpath but you will miss the waterfall.

Sunday  7/5/15    I have two dogs and I have always loved dogs so….  Muddy paws trail race is a fun five mile race that benefits the Akron Humane Society. I thought we could run it as a training run and it would be fun! If you would like to join us for this summer training day at Muddy Paws please register at Registration is $30.00 for the race and you need to register in advance.

Muddy Paws Location: Pine Hollow, 5465 Quick Road Peninsula, OH 44264

Cost of race: $30.00

Distance: 5 miles

Race Date: 7/5/15 PACKET Pickup 6:30-7:45am on race day!


~Thursday 7/9/15  Pine Hollow                  ~Tuesday 7/14/15  Happy Days   ~Thursday 7/16/15  Lock 29


Monday 7/27/15 (5:30PM)– Practice @ Hampton Hills. (2925 Akron-Peninsula Rd.
Akron 44313).

We will run approximately 3 to 6 miles at a variety of paces on the Hampton Hills trail. I will have the trail marked very well so you can’t get lost. Please try to come to this training run!

Wednesday 7/29/15 (8:00am)- Practice @ Szalay’s Farm Markey. (4563 Riverview Road, Peninsula 44264).

From the towpath parking beside or across from Szalay’s market we will run the towpath for 3-8 miles!

In addition, Audrey Moeglin has offered to organize additional group runs during the week from lock 29 starting around the middle of June. She will be contacting you in the future about these training runs. Enjoy!!